Nail Grind: Allows us to provided shorter nails. They are also rounded and smooth.

​More Like A Day At The Spa----But For Dogs

​Our pet groomers can add any of our dog grooming services ​  

Dog Grooming Services

​The Locally Owned Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming Spa In Columbia S.C. 

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​​​  ​Blueberry Facial: A tearless facial cleansing that reduces stains,brightens,refreshes and      invigorates.

​most comfortable grooming experience possible!

  • ​Dissolves Plaque Biofilm

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  • Alcohol Free

 Zymox Conditioning Rinse:​ This rinse produces a powerful protective barrier against minor skin inflammations and surface irritations.

  • ​Kills Odor Causing Bacteria

​experience for your pet by allowing for rest time


or products to your perferred trim.

Pet Grooming Services

​Aromatherapy:​ Helps our pets to be soothed and relaxed naturally.

  Madra Mor' Mud Baths: ​Naturally absorbs impurities and odors while vital minerals and hydrating omega oils moisturizes the skin.The mud saturates the skin in nourishment.It is rich in natural minerals and lipids. The mud baths cleans protects and rejuvenates in a pampering ----massaging application.

​during the process.Our goal is to give your pet the

​​​  Shed Less Treatment:​ ​It can greatly reduce the amount of shedding your dog experiences any time of year.We use specifly formulated shampoos and conditioners that loosen your dogs undercoat.Then we gently rake it away the dead fluffly hair leaving the healthy topcoat in place.  ​Make It Last..... ​Best results occur when you schedule this treatment once a month.

​         We like to take the time to ensure a low stress

 La Petite

  Sugar Scrub: This treatment is great for dogs with bumps and pimples.It is applied on the body.A warm towel is wrapped around your pet for a period of time.This treatment calms and soothes the skin.

  Plaq Clnz: ​A safe and effective way to maintain your pets teeth and have sweet breath.

  • With continuous use softens hard tarter and rinses away

  Paw Pad Treatment:​ This is great for dogs with cracked pads and paws .It starts the  healing process and deeply moisturizes the pads.


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