​1 803 754-7825

​1 803 754-7825

Bow or Bandana


​*Blueberry Facial

​Bows or Bandana

​The Locally Owned Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming Spa In Columbia S.C. 

​*Zymox Conditioner


Perfume or Cologne​

Nails cut

​Blueberry Facial

Basic Trim

​*Nails ground

​*Mud Bath/Massage

​Ears cleaned/hair removed

Corner of 5222 Two Notch Rd.

​Nail cut

​and 25 Bayview Dr.

​Basic Trim​

Bath,Dry,Brush Out

​(3 hour or less turn around)

​Bath,Dry,Brush Out

​Zymox Conditioner

​Pet Grooming Services



​Pet Care

​Perfume or cologne

​Basic Trim


Call For Appointment

​Call For Appointment

​Choose one of three packages of dog grooming services.

​Nails ground

​*Plaq Clnz Teeth Treatment

​Anal gland Expressed

​*Anal gland Expressed

*​Brush Teeth

​Nails cut

La Petite

Perfume or Cologne

Ears​ cleaned/hair removed

​We Now Offer Cat Grooming

Ears cleaned/hair removed

Bath,Dry,Brush Out

Dog Grooming Services

Bow or Bandana​

​Brush Teeth