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Dog Grooming in Columbia


   My parents owned and operated a kennel in North Carolina where I grew up.I learned to love aniamls as I learned walk.They have always been a major part of my life and a great joy to me.

    At about the age of ten mama handed me a clipper and a future was set.I fell in love.I have been grooming ever since.I started with Standard Poodles and Wire Fox Terriers.I was grooming for show by the age of sixteen.I have been dog grooming in Columbia SC at,La Petite Pet Care,since 1980.I take a "hands on" approach to running the salon and enjoy perfecting the skill of dog grooming and customer service.In Feb.2015 we added Cat grooming in our Columbia SC store. Grooming isn't just what we do....It is what we love to do!

La Petite

Dog Grooming in Columbia

Meet the lead dog groomer and owner,Sherry Futch.

The Locally Owned Dog Grooming And Cat Grooming Spa In Columbia S.C.

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​  Owning a pet is one of the most enjoyable privileges one can have in this world.The companionship they provide is irreplaceable.


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